1The Start
The Start is the setup, it is amazing how much easier it is to perform a desired shot when you have the correct grip, posture, alignment and ball position. When you look at the best golfers in the world, recognize that they start with proper fundamentals of the setup.
2To Impact
Impact is the most important position of the golf swing. Everyone has a different swing that is best for their body type. If you can Start properly and Finish in balance for each and every shot then you are simplifying the whole process which leads to consistency.
3The Finish
The Finish position of each shot is critical to achieve desired results. When you finish your shot in balance, then you are in control at the moment of truth . . . Impact.
If you are looking for an exceptional golf instructor, who knows how to simplify all segments of the game, with clear and concise teaching techniques, then look no further. It is the way that the information is delivered that makes the best golf instructor. If you understand how to START and setup properly for each and every shot, then you are setting yourself up for success. If you seek to improve you game whether you are a beginner or a competitive single digit handicap then you have found your best golf instructor. Learn how to practice with a purpose and so that you have a productive session. Understanding what to work on and having effective drills that give you desired result is the whole point of practicing with purpose. Take your time. It is not the quantity balls you hit in a practice session. It is how many quality shots you hit during the session.
Strong houses are built on solid foundations and good lessons are built on solid discipline. The notion of a ‘foundation’ really is a powerful metaphor for discipline. You cannot build a house on sand, and you cannot learn if you do not have discipline.Lucas Cohen, PGA Professional

Do you want to be more consistent? When you understand how to START and the importance of having the proper: grip, posture, alignment, and ball-position you will be a more consistent golfer. These are the 4 major areas of the setup, if you can master these basics it is amazing how well you can strike any golf shot. The START is the ‘foundation’ to achieve consistency you must have a strong foundation and multiple repetitions in your muscle memory banks to achieve success. The best golf instructor will teach you have a solid foundation, then you can build a solid swing.

When you FINISH in balance you will come to understand the result of each shot. Feel is developed with multiple repetitions and when you hold the FINISH position your reps are better, more thought out, purposeful. Holding the finish until the ball lands or stops rolling builds upon proper muscle memory. When you hold the FINISH you can realize what you did wrong… more importantly you can realize what you did right!

When you FINISH the swing in balance and are able to hold this strong position comfortably, you will be able to feel the impact of the club face and its connection to the ball. Impact is the TO and it is most important position for every shot. If you START every shot with the proper setup, you increase your chances of hitting the ball on the sweet-spot consistently. A balanced follow though position means that you are in balance from START TO FINISH of the swing.

Come to understand many questions that you may have asked. What causes a slice? Why do I top the ball? Why is my ball flight so low? When should I hit a flop shot? How far should I hit my clubs? How do I gain distance? Do my clubs fit me? How do I spin the ball? When should I lay up? How do I control distance when putting? What is the difference between a pitch and a chip?

All of these questions can be answered with START TO FINISH simple golf concepts that are proven to work with thousands of students. Click here to look at some of the testimonials.

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