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Give the Gift of Golf this Holiday Season

The golf enthusiast on your gift list will love the golf lessons that are available at the Start to Finish Golf Academy. Players can work on and improve every segment of their game at the facility. Any skill level of golfer, from green grass beginners to single digit handicaps will benefit from the Start to Finish Golf Academy’s proven methodology.

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All Lessons Include:

A typical one hour golf lesson consists of the following:

  • Player profile to be completed together to define weaknesses, strengths, golfing background, previous injuries, golfing goals and a game-plan for improvement (in the first session)
  • Choose a focal point on the lesson for that day. 1 segment of the game (putting, chipping, driving, bunker play, etc.)
  • Demonstration of students skills with keen observation by myself as to addressing the root problem and more importantly what need to be done in order to improve the golfer’s mistake(s). Drills, teaching tools, and different instructional techniques will be used in order to help the student improve.
  • Video Analysis will be take both before the instruction actually begins and at the conclusion of the lesson. These videos will be reviewed with the student by the instructor to key on the changed that have been made and are necessary for continued success.
  • These videos will then be emailed to the students personal account with detailed written instructional tips to help them to review the session and continue their game improvement.

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